Words Of War

our time is now to act against the era of a self indulgence. the masses are in the shackles of sense altercation, this self-inflicted plauge is crippling the nation.
civil soldiers sworn by abstinence to withhold no tolerance
our war is on, the talk must quit and all the guilty are gonna get hit. fed up of no results from this "war on drugs" has concerned me to the reality that it's an uphill battle against the wind and my will power is the motivation.

i'm a walking protest full of ambition and fueled by relentless resent. this is what binds together to make the militant. the war is on and it starts with me.
all users provoke my animosity.
thousands are exploited, impoverished and killed for your hedonistic high of cheap thrills. no is never enough. the words of war.

you're playing with a loaded gun of artificial stimulation. your hight feeds the druglord's reign of avaricious vilence and terrorism.
the flight of drugs started in the sixties to curb the protest and now carried on to control the lower class. drug lords being endorsed by the C.I.A.
forced me to the realization taht there is one way to cure this drug manifestation
that's an all out war against this decadent system who has rotted to the core.

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