There's A Touch

There's a touch upon my lips,
Left by memory's fingertips,
I still hear her voice, when there's no sound,
There's a touch upon my skin,
Left when she went back to him,
All the rest has gone, she's not around.

When I saw her first, it was lust my friend,
Thought it would burn, and it would end,
But I lost my old philosophy, now I believe in love,
Well the months went by and my love grew strong,
But she felt the same, that I was wrong,
She held my old philosophy, now I'm destroyed by love,


Well I still believe that I would win,
'Cause I was a better man than him,
She held the new philosophy, now she believes in love,
But the love she felt was not for me,
Said she would have to set me free,
Now I know there's no philosophy, that cant be destroyed by love,


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