Would You Come

Priscilla Renea

I know I'm saying always…
afraid of trying new things
You're trying not to complain
But it's not what you say,
It's just hard to explain.
I'm scared to breathe,
For fear of losing my breath,
Afraid to fall,
For fear of falling too fast!
I am the one I'm running from,
Afraid of love that I'll be all by myself!

but whats all or nothing, but nothing at all,
If I run out of breath, would you fill up my lungs?
if all that i had,*put the time on your hands
Would you come,
Would you come?

You don't do nothing at all
Don't think that's all your fault!
I'm only distant because you've been giving some thoughts,
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That is hard to keep up,
It's not my friends, telling me what I should do
I talk to them, but God I can't talk to you!
I don't know what I'm running from,
Afraid love, that I'll be all by myself.


If it seems like I might not be
Everything that you thought I'd be,
Would you come?
Would you wait for me love?
If it seem like it won't work out,
Perfectly like you *dreamt about*
would you come for my love?

Chorus: (x2)

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