Neon Telephone


Maybe she'll call me (Neon telephone)
Maybe she won't (Maybe she won't)
And if she don't (Neon telephone)
I'm gonna lose my mind (This time I'm gonna lose my mind)

It's kinda dark in here (Neon telephone)
I need a light (It's 2 bright)
I could use a sexy situation that would do my body just right
2night I'm gonna lose my mind

Sometimes her pride is like a big tall building
It hides the street that leads 2 a sweet mystery
(Sometimes) Sometimes we blow the chance 2 be so happy (Happy)
If we could only make up our minds
We could have such a good time

I know she wants me (Neon telephone)
I know she cares (I don't care)
Tell me what's stoppin' me (I don't care 2 know)
From runnin' right over there and runnin' my fingers through your hair

I'm goin' crazy, yes I am (Neon telephone)
Why can't U understand? (He needs 2 change)
I can't stop (can't stop) thinkin' about U, baby
This time I'm gonna lose my mind (This time I'm gonna lose it)

Why can't U call me, baby? Pick up the phone
U know your little Prince can't be alone
I need some of your sweet, sweet... oooh!

(Neon telephone)
(I don't care)
(Neon telephone)

How come U didn't call?
What, U think U're 2 good or something?
Can I talk 2 U?
Are U alone?
Good God

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