Another World

Another time, another space
I don't know if you'll hear me calling to you
Through the night, this endless night
I don't know if I'll ever find my way home.

I see around me only emptiness
I don't know where my world has gone
It feels like I just don't belong.

Now we live in different worlds
Far across the universe
No return, I'll journey no more
Try to put right what went wrong.

Blazing spires and rapid fire
I see ruins of a temple before me
Inside out and outside in
Can this be what is left of the world that I was in?

Searching high, searching low
Finding the way that will take me back to you
Choice is made I cannot leave
Sacrifice myself to this world of sin.

Curiosidades sobre a música Another World de Power Quest

Quando a música “Another World” foi lançada por Power Quest?
A música Another World foi lançada em 2005, no álbum “Magic Never Dies”.

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