A Letter To Her

I know this girl
Dark skin, beautiful smile
Used to be close, but we ain't spoke in a while
I hope she doing good, lord knows shes on my mind
I'm just hoping she think of me from time to time
But yeah, I know you busy
Out doing your thing
And I guess we haven't talked cause I'm out doing the same

Heard you got a new man that thinks he from the hood and shit
But if you ask me, I think you too good for him
And I ain't jealous I'm just speaking my thoughts
And by the way, did you speak to your mom?
She said you got arrested at the park cause you was underage drinking
And your friends was smoking glass, what the fuck are they thinking?

I heard you coming home drunk like every weekend
You tryna to run from something, but that something ain't leaving
I just wish I knew what it was, so I can change it
Not for you, but for us
So we could build a better relationship
And yeah I know I've changed a bit
But you the only women that I can't forget
Every time I see you, I wanna hug you & squeeze you
And even though we be distant I hope you know that I need you

In my life, cause nobody else can compare to you
And I wish I could explain how much I care for you
And lately I know you been going through a lot
But I'm only a call away if you ever need a talk
I can tell by the make up on your face that you getting older
Life's getting shorter, the worlds getting colder
You stubborn like me you just wanna seek your own faith
But yo momma can't sleep cause you coming home late
And you stress me out to where I worry about you girl
Cause in a blink of an eye they can take you out the world
God forbid, but you an angel

I can see you glow
You just gotta give it some time for your wings to grow
I love you, I just wanna see the best for you
So keep your head up and don't let nobody get to you
Me and you been through so much you like my bestfriend
I guess we don't get along cause we both nuts
But if anybody fuck wit you, and I happenn to run into em
Best believe they'll get their fucking throat cut

I ain't even the typa person to start shit
But I can feel your pain when you go through those hardships
Cause your pain is my pain
Everytime I hear you doing bad, I seem to get these migraines
I think we got the same mindframe and I swear on everything I love your blood running through my veins
And I swear on everything I love your blood runnin through my veins
I think I'll call you today & settle our differences
Lord knows I love my lil sis

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