Part One: The Black And White Was Meant For Nothing

Where do i then belong?

Hail thee; my brother;
My angel of nothing and all
Why did you welcome your own kin;
Spawn of the ultimate sin
If not with you; where do i then belong?

And even the kingdom of death
Rejected my existence
As a human being
Neither was i to be welcomed
Among gods nor angels

I am walking around
In life itself
But as my eyes meet reality
All i can see is death mingled
With misery; and i still walk

Reveal your care
Hear my final prayer;
My darkest call
Confirm to me and for all
Where do i then belong?

The feet of mine
Can no longer walk towards thine
So my dearest brother; i beg you
To walk, at last, my steps for me
And guide me back to thee

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