How To Pay

I was born in a gutter in the streets
Nobody wanted me, mamma threw me away
A reformatory took me and brought me up
I got a number and i met my thousand mates

Bridge 1

Trying to survive, i only stole to eat
Running for my life-it was a crime
Nowhere to hide-no one to believe
Caught by the pigs-i lost my pride


My hell is here-your heaven is there
I haven't learned how to pray
What is good for you is not good for me
So get out of my way

Living in jail, rage keeps growing inside
Rehabilitation was the word they used to say
I should be fixed but i lost my faith and mind
Now i don't care cause i got nothing to lose

Bridge 2

Ready to die-no wife-no kids-no friends
Gambling with life-come on and fight!!!
Reigning at night, i hunt you just for fun
Only to kill time i take your life

Chorus bridge 1

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