Still Can't Buy Me Love

Well you can have a Coke and a smile
but I need a little more to make me happy
More than NutraSweet
I haven't driven a Ford lately or been all I can be
But it drives me crazy
And if it's true that I can have it my way
I'll have it with a little love

I'm strong enough for a man but I'm made for a woman
And I'm built Ford tough but I can't take this, can't you see?
I raise my hand but you're not sure, you wash and go, you wash and go
Won't the Pizza Hut come on and deliver me

They say it's new and improved
but I don't believe they know what I'm thinking of
They say you can get up to fifty percent more free
but that still can't buy me love

You've got the right one baby, I'm the real thing (uh-huh)
Four out of five dentists said you should be mine
I wanna be a Pepper, I wanna be like Mike (I do, I do!)
I'll take a licking but I'll still give you the time


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