Dark factories lie ahead of us
A dark sun burns!
These false prophets never...
Told us what it has

Behind this
A dreadful symphony
Behind this
A hollow tree of seed
Behind this
Denying all we need
Behind this
Despiteful world we live

How could it be our tomorrow?
If there aren't any shelters
How could they lie to me?
And if you say you know how
To live without sorrow
Then you are lying to me

There is no more time for me,
Many things I saw...
Many things I live
That's my doomsday
There is no more time for them
Many things they know
Many truths they sold
That's their doomsday

Foul words spreaded around us
A red star burns
Their false propaganda
Always lives

Inside your minds
Don't think, just believe
Inside your minds
All truth you need we'll give
Inside your minds
A lovely life to live
Inside your minds
Inside your minds if we'll start to kill

[Bridge / Chorus]

[Lead Gustavo]
[Lead Davis]

A dreadful light above us
A red sun burnt
Their lies never meant any threats
To take the world

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