The Die Is Cast

I hear the devil is coming after me,
and my mouth is drying up
like Jesus lived to see it on his trip to the promised land
he was the winner, but I cant resist the evil
and now I know for shure, that the die is cast

I tell you a story my friend, I know from my own expierience
I mean, I know what it means, when the control of dead is out of your own hands.
The story starts, yes the story starts somewhere in a desert full of bones
I was looking for oil, with a gun on my side and walked around on burning stones

And after two days more , a red haired man came towards
Me to the brown and stony desert
He walked with a limp/ yes he walked with a limp and it seemed he had a clubfoot
I realized quite fast, it was the man's task to convert me to the devil
After a short smalltalk, I tried to stand up an walk to the lowlands of my soul.

I asked the devil himself, "ten eleven or twelve years ago you killed JFK,
Why dont you let kill George W. in the city of L.A?"
This man answered me, yes he answered me:, "Look it is not so easy
I won't meet your wishes, although you please me
Cause George came out of hell to be the devil's deputy.
He's working well on earth, it is so nice to see for me."

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