In a Hood Near You

I tell em everywhere anywhere
What was really good
My, my hood

Sometimes y'all wouldnt come around y'all
Ill wax both pots coz they aint from around here
Man stay with em stuzy coz I'm from around here
N not even the top steer looked from around here

So if ya hit the ambulance single come around here
Now ya stucked not even care if they dont run around here
If ya hungry pizzaman he dont come around here
N I built to hold this weakness to knock around here
(With pistols) they never gettin towed around here
Stay in the news, we never not a new around here

If you aint never been to da ghetto man
Told ya to come to da ghetto man

I heard there was a few people down there
We'll fear maybe theyll run a lil cheaper down there
Dont be slippin youll get put up so youll know whats down there
B4 ya blink, even ya too way 'leper' down there
I got this fish, ummm...she got a crib down there
I moved out while still get to live down there
You couldnt go down there to see anyone around there
Did for you as fast around there, ill go down there
So dont go down there, n you go down there
N ya lookin for trouble if when ya stroll down there
N ya whipped, popped at down the road down there
They dont play
Streets of war... Hopes down there
Who aint, hood prince still pole down there
Been workin mighty hard to lay old down there
N they got a security guard in the store down there
But them chiefs seem sellin me sorta stole down there man

Well I guess its the same everywhere
Come around eyes-out n you get 'aight' anywhere
Fight to give it up or you get 'aight' anywhere
Most these people...they dont live anywhere
So every other night they had to sleep everywhere
I tried to live their life but didnt get me anywhere
I make my money here thereafter make it anywhere
Or ask me bout me 'suni', they respect me everywhere
Been in biggin' pop-down here there everywhere
Every block blocked down here there everywhere
Guess they got things every block everywhere
N they pumpin' biggin' pop every block everywhere
When ya lookin for the top...u cant find em anywhere
Kids lookin for the pops n cant find em anywhere
N their mama keep on switchin the creep down there

Is that your place?
Is that your hood?
Is that your blood?


Ill be there soon to a hood near you
Suni clay rec
Marcus king production
What up?

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