Mortal Slaughter

See me, hear me, screaming in the night
Feel me, fear me, know my fearsome sight
Bondage, torture, come into my lair
Let me tempt you, see if you will dare


Mortal slaughter, taste the evil kiss
Mortal slaughter, fall to the abyss
Mortal slaughter, feel the mighty pain
Mortal slaughter, the demon wins again

Raping, killing, women of the night
Taking deliver, for the eternal light
Hear you screaming, as you shout my name
Satan invites you, come and play his game

[Repeat chorus]

Helter skelter, running from my sword
The gates of Hades, waiting for my lord
Death, destruction, hear my piercing cry
Religion, bullshit, it's all a fucking lie

[Repeat chorus]

Curiosidades sobre a música Mortal Slaughter de Mortal Sin

Quando a música “Mortal Slaughter” foi lançada por Mortal Sin?
A música Mortal Slaughter foi lançada em 1987, no álbum “Mayhemic Destruction”.

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