Blackjack Heart

I got a blackjack heart
Now what you wanna bet
That I'm over 21
And your match you've met
I got a blackjack heart
And I'll cut you cold
Gotta play your part
Do you hit or do you hold?

Try to understand
When I'm dealin with a man
I'm a blackjack woman with
a cool...slow...hand

I got a real raw deal
And it made me mean
I got a blackjack heart
And a shufflin machine

Deal it from the top
Baby don't you stop...

Curiosidades sobre a música Blackjack Heart de Michelle Shocked

Quando a música “Blackjack Heart” foi lançada por Michelle Shocked?
A música Blackjack Heart foi lançada em 2006, no álbum “Mexican Standoff”.

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