There Is No God

When I was young just five years old
My mother told me to believe in God
All these years I never could forget
Should have realized it was bullshit

By looking at the scum in this world
I just can't believe what I am told
The fucked-up things that happen everyday
If there is a God why do we live this way

Because ... There is no God

God is just a name for the good in this world
Evil is just a name for all that is bad
All the people who worship one or the other
Believe me when I say they are all fucking sad

Can't trust the country in which you thrive
They build more missles to take your lives
Federal officials watching every more you make
Breathing their air and taking up their space

Nuclear holocaust is just around the corner
Always lived my life in constant fear
Radiation tears the flesh from my bones
Now I am dead and God still isn't here

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