Just For You

Enrico Zabler / Tommy Schleh

And I live for tonight
Give my best while the light's
Keeping on to shine on me
Just for you, just for you
And I live for tonight
For this show here tonight
Just as long as you believe in me
Just for you, just for you

This song is dedicated
To all you people out there
Who are standing by my side tonight
And for the last seven years
You gave me hope, belief and your love
And for all that I'll never forget you

As I walk on stage tonight
I will try to make it right
And I feel my heart beats strong and fast

It's funny, but I still get nervous
After all this time
I travelled the world, sunshine and rain
I've seen a million faces and places
But each one has a place in my heart

Everybody stand by me, living in a fantasy
I want to make you feel good at last

Curiosidades sobre a música Just For You de Masterboy

Em quais álbuns a música “Just For You” foi lançada por Masterboy?
Masterboy lançou a música nos álbums “Best of Masterboy (2000)” em 2000, “Colours (2005)” em 2005 e “US-Album” em 2006.
De quem é a composição da música “Just For You” de Masterboy?
A música “Just For You” de Masterboy foi composta por Enrico Zabler e Tommy Schleh.

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