I Commit

Leonard Ahlstrom / Margaret Becker / Mike Demus

Sometimes I wish I had a pair of blinders
To cut down my point of view
Maybe then I could
On just living my life for You
I'm just a temple of flesh and blood
Who daily must decide
Whether to bow to the temple wall
Or to the spirit locked inside
Tonight I've got my heart by the throat
I'm gonna stay here till my whole body knows

I commit my heart to the heavens
I stand to praise Your name
I commit my heart to the heavens
I am here to praise your name

I say this simply with no regrets
I was born to testify
There's no shame in being Your servant
It's the highest call in life
Still I need to remind myself
That I'm happiest on my knees
When I am thanking You for who You are
And all that You've done for me
Before these words burn a hole on my tongue
I'm gonna praise You for all You've done

Repeat Chorus

Curiosidades sobre a música I Commit de Margaret Becker

Quando a música “I Commit” foi lançada por Margaret Becker?
A música I Commit foi lançada em 1989, no álbum “Immigrant's Daughter”.
De quem é a composição da música “I Commit” de Margaret Becker?
A música “I Commit” de Margaret Becker foi composta por Leonard Ahlstrom, Margaret Becker e Mike Demus.

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