Flying Solo

Rick Arzt

Well, I'm tired of hearing about what you're going through
You've been running your mouth little girl give the devil his due
We're all living in the world today trying to make these things right
You better find yourself a safe place to hold up for the night
Shot down on the battle ground of love in this life
I can't be your man little girl or make you my wife
Born free to fly solo it keeps me alive
Slide out the back screen door that's how I survive

'Cause I'm tired of hanging my head
I've been pushed down and shoved out and brought to the edge
I'm twisted and caught in the wind
So don't hold on to me cause I'm not gonna stay too long

It's hard for me to believe in the big man upstairs
That question of blind faith is the cross that I bear
So don't cry for me little girl it's not that I'm sad
Just please don't count on me I've already been had


Well I'm on my own
I can't stay too long
Whoa,.....yeah, yeah, yeah


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