What's Your Name?

Leon Ware

In your eyes I can see the whole world
In your smile I can feel the same thing, too
Is your voice just as real?
Cos I don't know your name. Well...
It seems like I've known you always
Even though, hasn't it one full day?
I'm surprised that I feel this
cos I don't know your name. Well...

What's your name? Does it really matter?
Will your name make me love you more than I do?
They have found me in you. Who are you? Tell me...

There's no plan that could say how we'd meet
I can tell cos I swept you off your feet
I don't know if you're ready
cos I don't know your name
Should I say what I got on my mind?
I would swear I will know you a long time
Maybe this is the moment.
I don't know your name. Well...

I wanna know your name. What's your name?
Time is right. Please don't fight. You will get to know me.
Face the reason while we're here. So don't be afraid.
You know when and you know why. Love comes quickly.

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