Red Diesel

Give me some more whiskey not that Colenmorangie
Jacobite blended dregs a gypsy's old bed setter
All of it makes me gag but I think that it's
The 20/20 I put in to stop the brown bag smelling smelling
Have you seen your dog it's a lasserapso
It was on the back seat of that Fiat Uno you stole
It was an injection though that's alright I suppose
But it just won't run on lovely red diesel my friend
Then there's a hole in my head pump up the volume you said
For the love of Christ you're the boss boss end more like
And that near death shite do I believe in a bright light
That red diesel you like
And sometimes I surprise myself I can stand the metal roof
I look out of my window
Someone's drawn tits on my neighbour's back door
That always makes me smile that artist has got some style
I think I'll sit here for a while

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