Old Dogs Never Die

The Lawrence Arms

The surging blood rushes through me
in tune to the pulsing in my head
The message echoes over and over;
what are you doing with your time?
I'm a piece of shit and tonight
my heart is reaching for the sky
I stand there and it just pumps harder and slower.
My feet settles into earth.

The twilight feels right.
The shadows fade along the avenue.

They talk all the time and it's obvious
that I hold in my words for too long
Our history creeps fast through the gutters.
A revolution on my mind.
Guess what I give a shit.
But I guess I couldn't care less about the lives they chose to live
And your eyes speak to me deeper and deeper.
A truth that I have never known.

The twilight feels right.
The shadows fade into oblivion.

So just forget all the regrets that keep haunting you.
They aren't worth your time
And just forget all the days that dragged out for miles and miles
Leave them all behind...

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A música “Old Dogs Never Die” de Lawrence Arms foi composta por The Lawrence Arms.

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