Over The Sky (translation)

Nighttime draws close.
You are so near,
yet so far...

What do you desire?
Who is on your mind?
The silhouette risking life.
Seeing its transparent beauty,
I was lost for words.

*If you take to the skies,
I want to be your wings.
No matter how strong the wind is,
they will never break,
the resilient wings.
Someday, I will have them.

We grew up with the same dreams,
on the street blooming with white flowers.
But now...

Race between the clouds,
the silver airship.
I looked up and reached,
but it slipped away from my fingertips,
so small it disappeared.

**Amongst the endless clouds,
I wonder where all things are moving towards.
A desired place of tranquility.
The path of the descending angels,
surely leads into my arms.



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