You Held My Soul

The street shadow revolves in a raindrop
You sleep as the morning sun shines
On your beautiful eyelashes

I laughed at my poor way of liviing
The gentle ticking of the clock changes
And I live on

Sheets of waves
Go to our drifting boat
Into my emptied cup
You poured coffee

You held my soul
In this fading city
With those nails gently
Rub away the stains on my heart
You held my soul
When I only loved myself
I who lived on selfishly
You held onto me

The prime colors of summer, sand smeared kisses
The fresh autumn makes the heat disappear
Only love remained

When I was knocked down just being near you was enough
If we could share our pain
That was enough

You held my soul
with your bare hands
So hold it tight, don't let it go
the reality which is me
You held my soul
your heart called to me
Don't say those precious words
just look into my eyes
quietly, just like this

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