The Munchies

I got the munchies im feelin kinda hungry
Im at the grocery fillin up the humvy
These cereal boxes is lookin kinda funny: captain crunch, sugar smacks, and that trix bunny
Its like LOADYland, disney for a stoner
Or viagra for your needy boner
Aisle after aisle I forgot what I came for
The store is closing but I gotta get me more munchies for a big night of kickin it
We bought an ounce an we packin it and rippin it
Richter go fire up the flame pit, grab the acoustic, strung naturalistic
Hot tub yea you know its bubblin, but first I gotta stop my stomach from grumbling
Tasty, all aphrodisiacs, I got the munchies, weres the snack pack

BBQ chips, and plenty of refreshments
Gummy bears, microwavables, mini thinmints
Ice cream, beef jerky, and candy bars
Del taco, get a number 4 with no sauce? (extra cheese)
Vanilla shakes, sugar outta? (pixie sticks)
Now and laters, peach jolly ranchers, and buttered popcorn (I got the munchies)
Chocolates, fizzie? sticks, cookies and otter pops
Reeses cups, tangy taffy, cracker jack box
My stomachs so hungry I need some mad munchies
How many g's we'd smoked nobody ever really believe
Felt like a track meet meet, inhaling smoked heavily,
barely time enough to take an air of breath and breathe
Now in straight cravin a BLT with extra bacon
No onions I don't need my breathe to be stankin
Now for deserts let's see what we got for some options
Dairy Queen, Marie CalendarS, or Baskin Robins
The clerk was cool at the 31 flavors
He let everybody make their own shit and yes he gave us…
…everything for free 50 free no charge
So we got an 8th of weed and two girlies in his car
Passably stoner Plus my gut was still growlin louder than a pack of coyotes for moon howlin
3 am 7-11 thankin god cause stoners heaven 24 they never ever close the shop

(munchies) kisses and coco puffs
Fritos, chili cheese, ?
(I got the munchies) drumsticks, chocolate, cookie dough
Cheetos flaming hot and mangos
(I got the munchies) Smoothies, burritos with extra cheese
Jalapeños, hot sauce, or jolly lemon squeeze
(I got the munchies) nachos, pepperoni pizza
Hot wings, french fries and slurpees
(I got the munchies)

Im hungry as a motherfucker you know I got the munchies
I keep it gangsta, start dippin Oreo cookies
Soak em till they get soggy, let em fall apart till the bottom of my cup
Turn it up and drink it like coffee
You know I got the munchies when im at 7-11 gettin a slurpee and some nachos then bounce out to Del taco
Go get a chicken casadiLLa then I bought us some vato
Just ask my girl about my munchies hoLmes
Where the weed I need a ripp
Hurry up, pack it quick, light it up, let it fly
Feel the bud get you high
Take a trip, im gon' dip, into space, off the kind, in my mind, imMA find another place for my rhyme
I got the mother fuckin munchies
So I think ILL GO eat this one girl named Allison

Cherry icees, whatchamacallits,
twizzlers, bubbalicious, nachos and chili dogs
(I got the munchies)
Hostess, fruits pies and cupcakes
Twinkies, zingers, crumb doughnuts with some cool-aid
Rice krispie treat, Ritz cheez-its
Frozen grapes, grilled sandwiches with ranch please
Banana splits, string cheese, double-doubles
Golden grams, cinnamon and sugar covered churros
(I got the munchies)

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