The Dying Art

Anders Lundemark

It's a real speacial way of achieving
I cannot quite confirm
Horrid twists in your ways of arranging
Well see what you'll get in return

I am feeling
Something I neved needed
Horrid way to twist the truth
Bond of mine

I am not content with your excuses
Pathetic and useless matching your intrusion
I can feel patience dying in me
Very soon to beyond my verge
Bond of mine

Patience is dying in me
Believe me
It can't be reserved
Boiling inside me it's breeding
I have to expose
Patience is dying in me
It can't be reserved

Fragments of the dying art
Aggression released
Fragments of the dying art
Patience deceased

Curiosidades sobre a música The Dying Art de Konkhra

Quando a música “The Dying Art” foi lançada por Konkhra?
A música The Dying Art foi lançada em 1993, no álbum “Sexual Affective Disorder”.
De quem é a composição da música “The Dying Art” de Konkhra?
A música “The Dying Art” de Konkhra foi composta por Anders Lundemark.

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