Vampire's Curse

Koffin Kats

Sitting here, lonely tomb
How many years have I been so doomed?
No use to think it's been so long
Centuries have come and gone
Yet I still await here for something more to give me back the thrill
Pointless to think of a purpose here
If only I could kill

Never thought life would be so cold
Once I was a king now Im all alone
So here's to the lonely hearts cause mine is beating still
Will this curse ever end?

A trail of blood across the ground
Another mortal Ive feasted on
Though not for fun, just to survive
Blood no longer tastes like wine
Many a time have I tried to starve
But it never seems to work
Nor can I will myself to stay outside
and burn beneath the light

Sleep the day, stalk the night
Drink the blood, fear the light
Kill again, hate my ways
Kill myself so hard to say

So Ill go on rotting on through the years
Until this curse is done
Or maybe Ill someday had enough and step beneath the sun

Curiosidades sobre a música Vampire's Curse de Koffin Kats

Quando a música “Vampire's Curse” foi lançada por Koffin Kats?
A música Vampire's Curse foi lançada em 2005, no álbum “Inhumane”.

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