Invasion X

dragons and race cars all of this
may seem bizarre flying zombies
sounds of war what's behind those locked doors sadistic weapons gory scenes terrific colors plots and schemes for all ages but shouldn't be more people need set free sports arenas high scores run like hell until I'm bored need a new game get it fast better now than in the past unreal fighters in the streets I was a hero and then got beat discount diablo sweet melody bow before the raptor's feet secret access unlock your success incinerate pocket full of emptiness nothing to show for the progress I'll leave this world and travel far away to a distant galaxy where the spacemen are my enemies generation x what is next I'm out of options and in distress I want to fight like holyfield win the battle with the most kills and then they try to stop me but I neglect the message they sent to me I protest a tougher challenge who's the best I have the replay plead no contest the leader's on the seventh floor what I must do is break through the door and then they try to stop me they think it will be easy

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