I Just Don't Care

Dan Hannon

They say that idle hands just make trouble,
But i'll just dig a little deeper if you give the shovel.
They say if you stand still you won't get nowhere,
Well i don't have any burdens.
'cause i just don't care.
I just don't care!

I played the guitar when i was eight and they said go away,
But, now that i'm charging a rate they all want me to stay.
People say that you're crazy if you take a dare.
So, lock me up and commit me
'cause i just don't care!

I'm worry free, carelessly passing time relentlessly,
I am who i am.
The bills are late-to compensate i guess i'll leave it up to
I really don't give a damn!
I just don't care!

Satisfaction can't always be a guarantee,
But it doesn't take much for me because, i'm easy to please
I say please. i say thankyou because, i know that manners are
But, if i forget-to hell with it
I don't care

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