The Journey

We've been climbing up the highest mountain.
We all know that someday
We will reach up there.
We won't give up our dreams, for nothing.
We'll just stop when we get there, on the top!
Cause you know, how much we have suffered,
To be right here it took us
So much pain and faith to give up now
This dream won't fade way,
While the sun is falling
We'll build our road, before the sunset!
When the journey finally gets to the end,
All the light of the father will fall upon us
Because our faith, will derogate the dark
When we're gonna be rocking
As we sing our song
Listen we must not fear the evil
But don't underestimate the power he hides
Just walk with care and always be aware!

Curiosidades sobre a música The Journey de Khallice

Quando a música “The Journey” foi lançada por Khallice?
A música The Journey foi lançada em 2004, no álbum “The Journey”.

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