All i Need

Kevin Prosch

I dreamed of a town that's built for souls
Lots of silver streets of gold
And there are no homeless there
For everyone that's there has a home

There will be justice in this land
Those valleys and rocks have not yet heard
And the cry of the poor will cease
For everyone is rich
We have You

And the floods the clear clean floods
That gushes from that throne of gold
And the water of life it's free to drink
And God it's worth the waiting for

You're all I need to get by
You're all I need to get by

You change my heart
This heart of stone
Become the anger of my thoughts
And when the pain won't go away
I feel Your presence near
You touch my soul
As the painter's brush consumes his dreams
I made my choice to follow You
For me to love yes this is Christ
And for me to die this is my gain
I live by faith in the Son of God
Oh but there are times when I have my doubts
I do not regret the things I've lost
For compared to You what have I lost

Lover of my soul
Creator of a clean heart
Oh lover of my soul
Look what You've done for me
Oh the recklessness of Your mercy
Oh the recklessness of Your mercy God

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