Glass Bottom Boat

Kathryn Williams

Your face has all the features
Of my favourite landscape
Wild rocky and desolate
A place where the weather can play
I've seen it so many times tired or asleep
I've seen it try and hide it when
There's people you don't want to see

And it's never the same
Like the sun on the run
And I'm never the same
Now I've found someone

We're sat in Barry's bar
We're as tired as rock pools
We've been fucking all afternoon
Burning like fossil fuel
I feel like you've turned me into
A glass bottomed boat
You see everything I hide but still
Keep me afloat

Wild rocky and desolate, is that all I can say
I held your hand, but I still look away
I can see that I lost it now, scared of the day
But you were always there, telling me
Don't be afraid, don't be afraid

While winter comes autumn hides
While winter comes autumn hides

Curiosidades sobre a música Glass Bottom Boat de Kathryn Williams

Quando a música “Glass Bottom Boat” foi lançada por Kathryn Williams?
A música Glass Bottom Boat foi lançada em 2006, no álbum “Leave To Remain”.

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