Locust Years

Johnny Pierce / Kate Campbell

He built his life
Wwith his hands
Put all he had
Into the land
They came from nowhere
On a cold dark wind
The harvest disappeared
But he survived
The locust years

It hurt to hear
her baby cry
Worked two jobs
To get by
Convinced herself
Sshe never needed a man
Holding back the tears
She survived
The locust years

When I lay next to you
In your arms
I know the world
Can do us no harm
And like the thorns
Protect the rose
I am safe with you

I know a place inside a dream
Where rivers
Run through fields of green
A quiet valley
That never lives in fear
I will meet you there
If we survive the locust years
If we survive the locust years

Curiosidades sobre a música Locust Years de Kate Campbell

De quem é a composição da música “Locust Years” de Kate Campbell?
A música “Locust Years” de Kate Campbell foi composta por Johnny Pierce e Kate Campbell.

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