[Verse: 1]
I miss you so much, damn
! But I gotta be a man
I wanna call you up, forget these girls up in my truck
It's easy to pretend that this is who I am
Go out and get fucked up cause' I don't want to think too much

Well everyone changes, some of them good -- some bad
We make our mistakes and hope we can take them back
We're all trying to make it, why can't you understand
That life is what happens when you're making other plans
As I sit back stare at the glass in my hand

I'm drinking Jameson, by myself
Thinking about what we could have had
Because nothing else seems to help
Everything just makes me sad

[Verse: 2]
You don't give a shhh...
I knew it all along
Thinkin' if I fuck that you can try to use me up
No matter who I'm with, I'm sitting all alone
A bottle and a cup I'm calling everybody's bluff

Turning these pages on all of the stages of life
You know I can fake it as long as they payin' me right
As I sit and stare at the glass in my hand


There's nothing wrong with drinking alone
Don't feel like going out -- just want to stay home

Curiosidades sobre a música Jameson de JMSN

Quando a música “Jameson” foi lançada por JMSN?
A música Jameson foi lançada em 2012, no álbum “Priscilla”.

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