From Me

JJ Da Trappa

Oh oh baby, what you want from me?
Ohhh baby, what you want from me?

I’m a sinner; I got fucking sins!
I wanna give you peace like the violin
You don’t wanna know where the nigga been
Been diving with the sharks with no fucking fins!
Babe Imma die with my blue jeans
You asked me for a kid but imma give you tweens
I’ll hit it quarterly like the magazine
We ain’t gotta lose; all we do is win
You wonder if I’m down? Just tell me what you want!
Not a problem if you tryna smoke
Either blunts or joints I got hella dope
I’d never tell you no and I know you know
Please don’t put me down like a heavy load!
You’ll be on your own if you lemme go
I didn’t take your call cuz I was on the road
So keep it on the low; I never broke the code
I ain’t no pornstar but I’ll hit it like a pro
I’m finna turn you on like the radio
Go ahead and ride it like the rodeo
I Wouldn’t take the poison if I was Romeo
I just wanna hold you down and never let you go
I have all my ducks in a row!
I’ve learned to avoid stepping on your toes
I do not really fuck with this hoes
Babe I really like it when you hold me close
Do just whatever is good for your soul!
I been losing sleeping cuz I’m tryna blow
I Ain’t gotta hit the mall; I got enough clothes
I’m ready for the summer; I got enough shorts
Could just turn your ass into a side hoe
But I feel your touch with my eyes closed
Know that you gimme hope like the Bible

Oh oh baby, what you want from me?
Ohhh baby, what you want from me?

I go up and down like a yo-yo
I’m so fucking high but I feel so low
I say fuck a fucking stank hoe; bitch I’m going solo!
I’m just tryna smoke dope; now I ain’t tryna show love

Now I been getting head from some white hoes
Them bitches freaky; wanna fuck me all night long
These hoes... They don’t really love you; they just wanna but clothes
Everybody’s gonna die; but I’m tryna die old
I do not fuck with all this niggaz; I ain’t homo!
If you tryna get the nigga back, Issa no hoe!
I don’t really fuck with all this drugs but I do dope thou
And this niggaz really lame but I am dope thou

I just wanna see my mom I got a fucking sore soul!
The nigga’z speech will give you chills; I got a fuckin cold flow!
You’ll be running for your fucking life if I’m in beast mode
And I think I’m gonna die with my jeans on

Man I dodge the pen like Jay-Z
Got my eyes closed but I can see
I been getting money on the daily
Imma turn my Chrysler into a Bentley!
I got a Spanish bitch; she call me daddy
She tryna be my wife but she can’t be
I just wanna lick her pussy like some candy
If she ain’t tryna fuck, I got a plan B

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