No Doubt

Smile little baby cuz the joke is on you
The way you left just looked kinda cute
I wanted to help you I offered you my hand
But you denied it got lost in the sand
Now all the king's horses and all those men
Wouldn't be enough, you're going insane
Faking is the way you've been living it
But don't you think it's funny how you're the one giving in

I'm not quite sure of what you're looking for
I'm not quite sure of what you're getting out
There's no doubt.

I see you crying those crocodile tears
Living little lies for all those years
You're fighting but nobody's there
Yeah dying, I know it's unfair
But I'm still here it's like I never left
My God can heal, yeah, he knows the best
Just remember when the nights grow longer
What doesn't kill can only make you stronger

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