The Requiem for Broken Hearts

It Dies Today

Enslave my heart, revealed is her apathy,
you're bounded by a fear of loneliness,
show me fidelity now fill me with a false sense of hope,
this will be my last good-bye before I leave you with your regrets,
now seal this elegy with a somber kiss,
such a cordial reminder of what we once were,
I'll leave your lips soaked with the remnants of a love held together by deception,
as death is masked as my savior, martyred in your heartless name,
the detriment is much too profound for you to mend my wounds sweetly with your blackened kiss,
my heart you've bled it dry, you could mean the world to me nothing less throughout eternity,
you're the end of the world to me, a beautiful contradiction possessing me,
I can give you no more than all the love I have, take it with you wherever your heart shall lead you.
This is the requiem for broken hearts and empty promises. With weary steps I will press on no longer,
now watch as the blade cuts through my skin, and this blood will forever rain upon your guiltless head,
could you hold this close to your heart forever...forever? Will you hold this close to your heart forever and always,
or will you bathe in my blood forever and always?

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