IQ / Peter Nicholls

The shadows fill the corners across the square
They come a-crawling to offer shelter, to haul me in
Without a needlepoint in the light
And the steel to still your tongue
The night hides a multitude of uncovered sins

The heart beating in Capricorn, I take on a guise
They won't define my anytime in the English rain
Will I feel an automatic release from all this pain?
With no movement, undiscovered, I lie in wait

So what if you're sentimental
And I'm out of tears, out of sympathy?
I'll make it look accidental
And I'll leave no sign to say your life was mine
No-one I carried just the same
Thinner than most sinners and saints alive
Dare you speak my name?
So what if you're temperamental
And I'm out of tears, out of sympathy?
So what if I'm elemental

Curiosidades sobre a música Capricorn de IQ

Quando a música “Capricorn” foi lançada por IQ?
A música Capricorn foi lançada em 1997, no álbum “Subterranea”.
De quem é a composição da música “Capricorn” de IQ?
A música “Capricorn” de IQ foi composta por IQ e Peter Nicholls.

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