Thor In Jotunheim

Surt / Thorgrim

Thor in Jotunheim

Mighty Thor and his companions
On their way to Jotunheim
Came across the giant Skrymir
In his glove they spent the night

"Come on fellows have no fear
The sun is high, my land is near"

And so they saw a great palace
And the halls of Utgardloki
"I am Thor, god of thunder
I have come to challenge thee"

The giants were unbeatable
They were victorious

"I had never been defeated
And now it's time to leave"
"Wait a moment prince of Gods
And the truth shall be revealed"

The brave gods of Asgard
Were fooled by trickery
The magic of the king of giants
Saved him from the mjollnir

"I would smash them with my hammer
No giant is stronger than me
No one is faster than Thialfi
And no one eats more than Loki!!
And I would bring down this castle
If they stood against me!!!"

Curiosidades sobre a música Thor In Jotunheim de Hugin Munin

De quem é a composição da música “Thor In Jotunheim” de Hugin Munin?
A música “Thor In Jotunheim” de Hugin Munin foi composta por Surt e Thorgrim.

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