Just Me

Yeah, I know I'm fly bitch
But they can never swat me
Maybe they can delay it, but they can never stop me
Put this song on replay, make a couple copies
I can rap so slow, and they don't gotta jot me
I am getting all this money, I'm on my monopoly
I am gettin all this green and I ain't talking broccoli
Call me mr. tivo, save me later to watch me
I'm not on my literature but I just killed em softly
I ain't got street credit, dirty money, just wheat bread
I am gettin real big, yes that is what she said
You know I'm a joker, no broke-back
Yes I am white but I am no Pat
I'm the quickest with these witty little rhymes
Go and grab Mel Gibson cause baby we found a sign
That I will be the best in the game
No vegetarian because I go against the grain
And do not act like I'm playin
I spit this like a dragon no slayin
Come on, tell me who gonna slay me
They take a look at my joystick and
Bitches wanna play me
Like an N64, word out to my homie Mullins
You know what that shit was for
Ha, but enough with all the jokes
People call me the truth
The rest call me hoax
But regardless what you haters think
My flow is so insane that even I
Go watch and see it shrink
The fact of that matter is
My flow is like a running sink
Only 17 so I got time to work out every kink
And I'm the best in my city
Got these other rappers bitties
Tryin' to get busy with me
Shout out to all my fans and my friends
And all my homies, sorry for the laughter
That I had dragged you in
But who be laughing when I be dragging all my money in
Bet that all my cloudy days are finally gonna be sunny then
And everyone you haters will be my best friend
As soon as they stop sleeping on the kin like a West-In, yeah

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