Furious George

House vs. Hurricane

Why are we surrounded by pretentious ignorance?
Holding close your vanity, Is it your priority?
Well you're no better than your enemy.
This world is in a sorry state when a snake can disguise itself as your friend.
How were you to know this friend would kill you?

(We see. We see through all you are. Come stand above)
You think you are more than you are,
But I know you're worth nothing more than the person standing next to you.
(We see. We see through all you are. Come stand above)
Everyone thinks they're more than they are,
Once I turn my back you'll be the first to sell me out.
As soon as I turn my back you'll be the one to sell me out.
You will be the one who brings me to my knees.

(Are you who you want to be? It's not to late to colour your space.)
Morality, I feel is no longer existent. I'm no longer there.
But I'm proud of where I've come from and that I've chosen where i'm going.

How can you stand for this?
Aren't you suppose to value your friends not betray them when you have the chance?
How can I stand here know that you are my enemy.
Your past is of no concern to me, rather how you seem to be living

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