I'm On It

You gotta be sneaky
To pull the perfect crime
It's gonna get greasy
We gonna let it slide
If you wanna be sleazy
I'll be your guide
The time is right, for you and i
Let's call a meeting, we can do it tonight.

Tell me where you want it
I'm on it, i'm on it
Tell me where you need it
I'm on it, i'm on it
Tell me where you want it
(tell me where you want it)
Tell me where you need it
(tell me where you need it)
Any way you want it
I'm on it, i'm on it

Baby, can you be trusted?
To give me enough?
Not gonna get flustered
When you wanna do that stuff
We're gonna get busted
If we don't clam up
I'm your man, show me the plan
If you like the way it's working, we can do it again

Check it!
I'm java, the playa
The pipe-layer, funk slayer
The one that's real
With the feel to seal the deal
Kickin' it kinky was me
And three freaky chickadees
Tryin' to find the perfect
The first girly worked it on the north side
The second honey worked it on the south side
The other said:
Brother, for sensation elation
Go ahead and pick your
Location, location
So java, tha playa
Chomped a 9-volt lifesaver
Voyeuristic voyage
(around the world!)
Multiple placation
Of erogenous zonation
Location, location, location!

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