Frozen Images

The wind sang tears for me
As the crow looks sad to me
Am I too young just to see
Remembering the days we pass
And the others who we condemned
Is this the price for negativity?

Feed my wound, holy child
Why you're gone, holy child
Embrace the cold tranquillity

The sun sang joys for me
As the days pass tormently
But nothing erase your heart in mine
Another loose, another faith has gone
Forever doomed what have you done
Am I too young to understand you

Did you remember us
On your last days
Was the pain so strong
When temptation striked you on

Curiosidades sobre a música Frozen Images de Heavenwood

Quando a música “Frozen Images” foi lançada por Heavenwood?
A música Frozen Images foi lançada em 1996, no álbum “Diva”.

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