Godless Inhabitation

Morbid shadows dance in a blaze
Through cryptic dimensions
Ghostly specters taunt the aroma of death
Majestic raven through the eyes of time I travel
Embellishing in this trance

Godless inhabitation of the crimson abyss
Grant me my immortal being
Infinite decades of arousing lust
Surrounded in discordant melodies
Of hate and blasphemy

Songs of jackals guide me
Into the twilight of the moon
Devour the erotic of the night's mist
Lucid creatures of unholy power
Forbidden fornication of lust

Ceremonies of scarlet mountain sides
Mock the mirrors of centuries
Phantom forest frozen in time
Chanting metallic laughter
Intrigued by the devotion of the darkness
Existence ending in neverless
Serenaded by damnation

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