No more lies with violent ends,
No more fakes disguised as friends,
No one has the time to waste on them!!!

I want you to know, something that I feel
It's deep inside of me and part of you as well
Understanding, it slips so far away and sometimes I can't deal
Don't have the time for someone else's scandal
My own life is hard enough to handle

And I still believe, most people are the same
We're so conflicted and we need someone to blame
Is it just pride or do we have to hide
All our problems, no we will never tell

And we will liberate ourselves from them - liberate

Curiosidades sobre a música Liberate do H2o

Quando a música “Liberate” foi lançada por H2o?
A música Liberate foi lançada em 2000, no álbum “F.T.T.W.”.

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