Chris Hyde / Lamar Stilwell

Well, I'm feeling fine, things are going my way.
Yes, I'm feeling fine, worked your scene my way.
Tried to sell me success, tried to sell me your fame.
Tried to sell me your corporate money, tried to sell me your dreams.
I've said it before and I'll say it again.
I won't turn your tricks and I won't be your whore.
Keep your freakshow away from my integrity.
Can't knock the wind out of me 'cause I am the scene.
I am the reason you've been breathing, open your eyes, you'll see.
I am the reason for this frenzy feeding.
Look's like the sharks have come to feast!

Cash in the money one-hit wonder, fifteen minutes of fame!
Your face is lifted, corporate-gifted but I won't go out that way!

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