Conquerors Divine

I see the corpses on the battlefield
I see them lying on the ground
You've never seen this many kills before
You've never heard this killing sound
You'll see them suffer
You'll hear them cry
You would have heard them
Right before they died

Conquerors Divine
Conquerors Divine

With shining auras they approach the stage
Their shields and spikes will blind us all
Their strength could beat all royal armies rage
You all will hear their battle call
These four heroes
Have slain the rest
Now we can celebrate their
Conqueror's divinity at last


[Lead: Arydon]


All Satan's wars have finally found an end
Mephisto's proud of his new men
The Christian God now has a word to send
My army's beaten by his clan
Angels are gone
Never will return
They all were slaughtered in a pool of fire
And their souls will burn

[Chorus x2]

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