Jasyn Bengert

Playback what was captured
A ghost in the machine
Separate the noise
From the words we're after
Spoken by someone
That we can't see

I can hear you speaking to me
From the other side
Sounds appear in the static I hear
Do you think that you're still alive
I can hear your voice
Even though you have died
I'm recording what you're saying to me
From the other side

Are you trapped
Or was it your decision
To stay here haunting me
Was it your choice
An obvious devision
Between moving on
And purgatory

Curiosidades sobre a música E.V.P de God Module

Quando a música “E.V.P” foi lançada por God Module?
A música E.V.P foi lançada em 2007, no álbum “Let’s Go Dark”.
De quem é a composição da música “E.V.P” de God Module?
A música “E.V.P” de God Module foi composta por Jasyn Bengert.

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