Just Because

Chad Elliott / James Lawrence Torres / Kimo Kauhola / Tim Madrid

Their words are coming out
I can feel it here deep in your mouth
Truth will reveal itself
No need to travel for a million miles
The years can't stay the same
I kept it easy so i couldn't complain
Let them make up your mind
Its a feeling you can never describe


But even after all the things i said
You could be honest and be true and never realize what i wont do
Said to call it out, afraid to say
I don't recognize whats left of us i can't think of anything it was
And it was over before
All the things that i know that i could i would never leave you though i would

And i would say it's all because
You ask me why, i cannot lie
And if you shout
And i want out
You ask me why
Oh just because (3x)

The claimant change is really nothing new
Im still lost 'cause i got something to do
I can figure out on my own time you were always late so you're never around
I know no one knows so you can be yourself
I keep you close and never let anyone out
And i stopped caring so push them aside fuck the things you want for the things you like
I get with the money and the swank apartment
I built a tower up into the sun
Let them follow every fallen empire
On the war they waged but never won

I figured out your world, from that today[?]
I swear to god i knew i would but if you give me reason to be good
I always force it out
The words to say
That i'll be honest and be good, you wouldn't leave me if i would
'cause it was covered
All in disguise
Amazing anger like i lost my mind

Oh i can go, but i will stay
And i'll do it again you could put it away
Oh you can find a peace of mind
You ask me
Oh i can't lie
I figured out whats in a lie[?]
I found a way that i can go
I make it out through all the years
You ask me why
Oh just because (3x)

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