House Of Nostalgia

Thought I dreamed it again, the place where I constantly wander
So far and wrapped in darkness
It stands as the incarnation of my obsessions

My soul is keaving my body once more
As I enter those wretched ancient walls
Corridors of post-mortem existence
I breathe the evilness of dark deserted rooms

Tears falling from my eyes as I walk towars the stairs
Haunted by something I can't perceive
A house built on my utter negativity

Last visions of a fullmoon, the frozen nighttime wind
I lose myself through those endless dungeons

Take me away, take me there where I'm born
Embrace me in your inhuman angst

The smell of distant places in my dreams
Nostalgia, take me home...

Curiosidades sobre a música House Of Nostalgia de Forgotten Tomb

Quando a música “House Of Nostalgia” foi lançada por Forgotten Tomb?
A música House Of Nostalgia foi lançada em 2004, no álbum “Love's Burial Ground”.

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