YungLan Freestyle

1738, Zoovier, Ay
I just wanna say what’s on my mind man

We designed down rocking Fendi
Big chargers with the hemi
We pull up on ya’ll, nigga gimme
I make them honchos hit a semi
I’m talking mula, we got plenty
I fuck her best friend if she pretty
You know it’s ZooGang niggas with me
I let off two bangs to his kidney (bang bang)
Then take his baby momma out to Pheonix
Sent the kids on trip to Walt Disney
I’ve yet to see a nigga ball with me
Monty and Dice standing tall with me
I collect them bands then hit the mall with em
One act up, then we all get em (all get em)
One shoot one sound we all hit em (all hit em)
Two doors no top its all missing (all missing)
Niggas know how I rock I'm all in
23 on my J I'm Jordan (my jump shots like that man)
Niggas know how I rock I'm all in 23 on my J I'm jordan
Heard these niggas hatin me because that ima specialist
Diamonds know they on freeze thats how you know I'm flexing man
Remixin the whole thing thats how you get ya paper up
First she wasn't on me but she wanna hang wit us
Rollin off the molly Now she wanna skate wit us
Before you try the ZooGanck suggest you try some angel dust
Monty shoot from long range that's how he let the hammer bust
AR15 my chopper tote an extendo
Shooting big guns it can not fit out the window
How the fuck you judge a nigga don't know what he been thru
Niggas don't know me might've seen me when I bent thru 22 forgiato sittin on a fen coup
Zoovier you won't catch me without monty
Last year I told em this year was our time and I did what I said now we all shinin
Jump mans for the kicks blue in our diamonds
Robins gold wings trues are now lying 2 Bandz one outfit come on try me
I ain't even touch the advance I been
band up jugin and finnessin and niggas ain't gettin jammed up
Robin wings on my robin jeans hold my bands 22nd ima hooligan I need a phantom bitches love me cause I'm getting rich I ain't handsome
Get my niggas rich talking foreigns and mansions

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